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Friday, May 28, 2010

Creative Centerpieces

Most people just assume that they have to have floral centerpieces because it is traditional, but you can actually have a lot of fun and get creative when it comes to what you are going to put in the middle of your guest tables. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers and I think all weddings should at least have some, but don't feel you are limited to flowers when it comes to centerpieces! It is a great opportunity for you to bring out your personality and make your wedding unique.

Photo by Daydream Photography

For example, I had a bride that was taking photography in school and for their centerpieces they laminated a number of her images, immersed them in a vase filled with water with rocks on the bottom and surrounded the vase with tea light candles. A very simple way to bring themselves into the details of the wedding, and was very memorable for their guests.

Photo by Francesco Maragoni Photography

I had a groom that was a huge comic book fan, and they incorporated his love of super heroes into their centerpieces by naming each of the tables after a different hero and put pictures of that character on the table along with vases fill with candles.

Photo by Daydream Photography

Vases filled with water and floating candles is a simple was to create a romantic ambiance for your wedding, without having flowers. You can incorporate ribbons with your wedding colours around the vases to bring in the colour.

Another idea I did was for a 30th wedding anniversary: the traditional gift for a 30th wedding is pearls so what I did for the centerpiece was include pearls and orchids strung together in a vase which was then immersed in water with a floating candle on the top. Around the vase I had strings of pearls and each table had different pictures of the couple at various stages in their marriage. It was very personalized and symbolic for the couple.

Photo by Tripp Photography

If you love flowers and want to include them as centerpieces, that is just as great! Maybe try playing with the sizes of the arrangements - never feel like every table has to look exactly the same. Another fun idea is mixing fruit with your flowers.

It is your day, so you can have fun with it. Think outside the box: there are ways to double the centerpiece as a favour such as boxes filled with chocolates or mini cakes which your guests bring home at the end of the evening. A lot of couples are choosing to incorporate crystal chandelier or candelabras to their centerpieces which is another beautiful alternative to flowers. At the end of the day, have fun and go with what represents you best. Never feel like you HAVE to do something a certain way when it comes to your wedding. It is your day, so do what works best for you!

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